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Driftwood was born from the philosophy of sustainability, and driftwood is a material that has been naturally weathered and can be repurposed for new uses.

We are relentless in our search for innovation and alternatives that facilitate growth without negatively affecting our planet and generate a positive economic, social and environmental impact. From our repurposed wood throughout the store to partnering with other businesses that share our values and giving back to our community.

We are seeking B Corporation certification. A Certified B Corp is a for-profit corporation that has been certified by B Lab, which is a non-profit company that measures a company’s social and environmental performance.

We were inspired by the natural beauty, resilience, and adaptability of driftwood

Driftwood serves as a humble reminder to respect each individual, as each piece of driftwood is unique and has its own distinct characteristics, much like each person. Just as driftwood has been shaped by its environment and experiences, each person's life journey shapes them into the person they are today.
Our intention is to create an inclusive and accepting environment for all individuals, valuing and respecting their unique characteristics, experiences, and journey.


Kanishka Patel


Kanishka Patel, MD is a Board Certified Physician with over 14 years of clinical experience providing comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages of every ethnicity. Her passion for medical aesthetics is shown in her meticulous and individualized approach to each client as they work together fusing her medical expertise with the delicate art of building confidence, trust and education to provide a realistic tailored treatment plan best suited for each individual.  

Dr. Patel is committed to listening to your concerns and understands the importance of helping in such an intimate and impactful way. She is passionate about guiding you to feel more confident by enhancing your natural beauty. 

Dr. Patel completed her residency at The Ohio State University in 2008. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is an active member of the American Medical Spa Association. She has completed extensive training in medical aesthetics through Allergan, Galderma, Revance and Revanesse.

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Driftwood Aesthetics Headshots 2023-01112077 1.jpg

Kathryn Schulz


Kathy Schulz is a Registered Nurse and accredited Nurse Injector.  She has been a Registered Nurse since 1997 when she started her career in pediatrics.  Kathy has been working in a pediatric intensive care unit for the past 20 years.  She was introduced to the world of aesthetics by a coworker and has been passionately pursuing this career change.

She is currently certified in Botox, Filler, Skin Pen and VI Peels.  Kathy works closely under the supervision of Dr. Patel. Kathy seeks to be a positive force in the lives of her patients, treating them with genuine kindness and respect and helping them achieve their individual aesthetic goals through safe and effective treatments. 

Kathy has made Westerville her home for the last 22 years where she has raised 3 beautiful girls.  She is an animal lover, enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

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